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What is Unlocking?

What is Phone Unlocking and how does it work?

Cellphone unlocking allows you to use your phone with other GSM carriers. The reason it needs to be unlocked is because the phone comes locked to the carrier you bought it from (so if you bought it from AT&T USA then it is locked to that carrier and can only be used with that carrier). Unlocking your phone will not void the warranty or damage your device.

The unlocking process is simple. You provide us with a few details about your phone, place your order, and we will email you the unlock code. You simply enter in the code into your phone and you're done, the phone can now be used with other GSM carriers. Delivery time for your code can vary anywhere from a few minutes to a few days. In some cases when a phone cannot be unlocked by code you will need to use unlock software, but that's only for a few rare cases.

Do not confuse cellphone unlocking with forgetting a personal 4 digit pin or password, that is not the same thing. We deal with network unlocking and not the recovery of personal passwords..


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