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Unlocking FAQ

Unlocking frequently asked questions

What is unlocking?

Your phone comes locked to the carrier you bought it from. Unlocking consists of entering an unlock code into your phone, which will "unlock" it and allow you to use the phone with other GSM carriers.

What Are the Benefits of unlocking your phone?

* No more roaming charges !
* Switch freely between service providers!
* Increase resale value of your phone
* 100% safe unlocking that does not interfere with the operation of your phone

What phones can you unlock?

We can unlock most GSM phones on the market

My cellphone asks for a subsidy password. Can you help?

Yes, once you unlock your phone you will have removed the subsidy password.

When will i receive my code?

When placing your order you will be shown one or more unlock services to chose from. Each service will have its own delivery time listed.

Can i cancel my purchase if i have already placed an order?

you can try contacting us, but in most cases we will be unable to cancel it. The service is automated and most orders begin processing immediately, at which point it cannot be cancelled.

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